Are we ready for a new vision of remuneration?

Companies are evolving very quickly or slowly to adapt to their new reality. Whether it’s thinking about acquisitions, due diligence, a change in upper management, a diversification strategy or organic growth, you’re adapting your way of doing things. You rely on change management and the support of your teams to move forward. Your remuneration should follow and even help you to grow. Your remuneration is one of the main levers for retaining and mobilising your team.

  • Is your remuneration properly positioned for your business context?
  • Have your organization’s strategic objectives changed?
  • Do the stakeholders have expectations or influence related to the forms of remuneration?
  • Do you use all the levers of change management supported by remuneration to help you prepare for change? 

Year after year, numerous studies demonstrate the influence of remuneration on retention and mobilisation. It is rarely necessary to offer salaries above market rates; however, do you use all the tools at your disposal after first ensuring your overall remuneration is equitable, fair and aligned with your company’s vision? Contact us to talk about your overall remuneration strategy.