Are we ready for a new vision of remuneration?

Companies are evolving very quickly or slowly to adapt to their new reality. Whether it’s thinking about acquisitions, due diligence, a change in upper management, a diversification strategy or organic growth, you’re adapting your way of doing things. You rely on change management and the support of your teams to move forward. Your remuneration should […]

How to prepare to maintain pay equity?

Your company has been told it needs to conduct its pay equity maintenance exercise soon? Be careful. First, take a close look at your company’s pay equity file as it relates to predominantly feminine or masculine roles. Not all companies have the same deadlines! Once you’ve confirmed your company’s exact obligations, it’s time to take […]

Why do employees think they’re being paid below market rates?

The first thing to know is that if an employee hears through the grapevine that someone is earning a higher salary than they are, that employee will conclude that they’re being paid below the market rate. As employers, we can no longer assume that employees do not talk about their salaries to their teammates and […]

Top 5 reasons to have a solid salary structure

Managers sometimes ask themselves how to satisfy every employee and every candidate in every situation. Pulled from many meetings over the years, the following is our list of the most frequent (and valid!) situations that indicate a company is ready to put a solid salary structure in place. Employees talk to each other about their […]