Here are just a few of our recent projects.

Discussion groups

We have conducted numerous structured interviews with our clients’ employees. The findings have allowed us to understand the reasons why employees recommend a company as a place to work and to identify specific reasons why they might leave an organization. With these insights, we can act on what really matters.


We have worked with companies to define “good performance.” How does an employee contribute to the company’s mission and objectives? What are the real criteria and objectives? How should managers provide constructive, effective feedback? Knowing the answers puts your company in a better position to conduct accurate salary reviews and fairly compensate those who contribute the most.

Salary Structure

What do employees perceive as part of their total rewards package? What adds the most value for achieving employee retention? We have worked with clients to develop solid salary scales and structures that add perceived value for employees.


We have worked with clients to define their talent market. We have compared the salaries of different positions to the market to understand the company’s positioning. This process provides actionable data we can use to develop a salary structure with confidence.