Top 5 reasons to have a solid salary structure

Managers sometimes ask themselves how to satisfy every employee and every candidate in every situation. Pulled from many meetings over the years, the following is our list of the most frequent (and valid!) situations that indicate a company is ready to put a solid salary structure in place.

  1. Employees talk to each other about their salaries.
  2. We need clear rules to explain the salary of each of our employees.
  3. Our company is growing, and we think inequities exist.
  4. Candidates request higher salaries at hiring than what current employees earn.
  5. We need guidelines to help us with annual salary reviews.

Developing a salary structure creates benchmarks and reliable limits to ensure each employee is paid fairly. For employees, this provides assurance that a structure is in place to fairly determine salaries. For management, it’s a tool to evaluate salaries at a single glance. Ask us how!

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